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Tree Surgeons Near Me

Are you looking for ‘tree surgeons near me’?  Look no further than The Tree Doctors. The Tree Doctors are the ideal solution to any commercial, domestic and public tree issues across the entire West Midlands.

Call The Tree Doctors to help out with your tree issues! You can trust us to maintain or remove trees so that your landscape remains healthy and aesthetic. We provide a variety of professional Tree Surgeon services which are suitable for commercial landscapes, domestic gardens and undeveloped open spaces.

Local Tree Surgeons

With tree surgeons near you, it enables a faster, more reliable and more efficient service for your tree situations. We offer a 24-hour emergency response team for storm damage and quick response time. With a local tree surgeon, you can arrange for regular hedge maintenance too, so your gardens will remain tidy and there's one less job for you to do!

Our service range covers:

Tree Services Near Me

Here at The Tree Doctors, we understand how important landscapes, scenery, woodland, gardens and the environment are to people’s lives. For this reason, we continuously look to preserve trees and through our reduction service, we are able to do just that.  With our Tree Felling service, we are able to remove trees that may be dead, dangerous or causing danger to the local surroundings. A consequence of this is the remainder of a tree stump.  However, don’t fear as we provide a distinctive stump grinding & tree stump removal service, eliminating the area of any potential hazards.

We are constantly looking to preserve landscapes and woodlands, giving them the care they need to thrive. Through our woodland management service, we are able to improve nature by producing more ‘edge’ habitats. Good management of landscapes and woodlands can lead to healthier trees that benefit the local surroundings.

During an effective Woodland Management processes logs and wood become available, The Three Doctors are able to recycle this by providing the customer with fire logs designed for open fires or log burner, becoming an effective way to heat your home during the cold winter months.


Areas Covering Kidderminster | Lye | Birmingham and more...

For any more information on how we can solve your tree dilemma, don't hesitate to contact us.