Dead Wooding & Pruning

Dead wooding and pruning are vital in returning a tree back to its natural health and encouraging its growth.

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Tree Pruning

Whatever its cause, an exceeding amount of deadwood can be very dangerous with the dead branches liable to fall at any given moment. As Tree surgeons, we can help safely and responsibly perform a quality, experienced dead wooding service.

We can successfully treat a number of tree issues, including hedge maintenancestorm damage recovery and more. With a City & Guilds qualification and other professional associations behind us, you can have complete confidence in our abilities to get the job done right, first time around.

Our tree surgery services are suitable for both commercial and domestic needs.

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Deadwooding by the tree doctors in birmingham

Dead Wooding

Dead wooding is the process of removing dead or dying branches from a tree.

Branches die off for a number of reasons ranging from light deficiency, pests and disease which causes root damage. A dead branch will at some point decay back to the parent stem causing abscission and fall off.

This is normally a slow process but can be shortened by high winds and extremities of temperature. Therefore, the main reason deadwooding and tree pruning is carried out is for safety reasons.

Situations that usually demand such removal would normally be trees that overhang public roads, houses, public areas and gardens as this is a potential hazard.

If at any point the affected tree branches fell, it could cause serious damage to your property, cars or passers-by.

Dead Wooding & Pruning Service

A tree will waste considerable energy and resources trying to create new growth from a dead branch. This can have a dramatic impact on the overall health of a tree. Dead branches can also make a tree look unsightly.

Our experienced Tree Surgeons have the tools needed to successfully carry out dead wooding and tree pruning, helping the tree to create new growth from living and healthy branches, which will, in turn, benefit the health of the tree and make the tree more attractive.

Deadwooding and pruning service

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