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The Tree Doctors

Tree Surgeon Twycross. The Tree Doctors provide a variety of professional tree care services in and near Twycross suitable for both business and residential gardens as well as public and private open areas. The Tree Doctors, a local company, provides numerous tree services in Twycross. We possess the knowledge and abilities required for a wide range of tree surgery and maintenance issues.


The Tree Doctors have specialised equipment and a solid skill set to provide tree removal services in Twycross. We work in the most difficult conditions, including within and around buildings, across roads, power lines, construction zones, rivers, and ponds. We can successfully treat a variety of tree issues, including stump grinding, dead wooding, hedge maintenance, storm damage, emergency call outs, and more. In addition to our City & Guilds credentials, we also maintain membership in a number of professional groups. By examining our successfully completed projects in our site gallery, on our website, or on our Facebook page/ Instagram, you will have entire confidence in our abilities to manage any tree/vegetation issues. Our tree surgery services are available for gardens in both commercial and domestic settings in Twycross and beyond.

The Tree Doctors Tree Services in Twycross
Tree Surgeons Tycross with The Tree Doctors

Do you need a Tree Surgeon in Twycross?

We are here to help with the coverage of Twycross and the surrounding area. In addition to providing informed guidance on small garden trees and hedges, our team is competent at spotting and treating tree diseases. All our staff members have years of experience and have received training in their respective fields.

Have you a tree that has to be cut down because it has thick foliage, encroaching branches, or both? Or are you not sure and need specialist advice? Call The Tree Doctors!

Comprehensive Tree Surgeons in Twycross

We have any services we offer to Twycross at The Tree Doctors…

  • Emergency tree work - We provide round-the-clock emergency response for cutting down fallen trees, clearing storm damage, and fixing roads.
  • Tree Site Clearance – Clearing a site of trees and vegetation, preparing it for new developments.
  • Tree Felling - Despite our best efforts, there is no other way to ensure safety and stop the disease from spreading to adjacent wooded areas than to cut down a tree.
  • Tree Surgery - We are a local tree removal company serving both public and private gardens.
  • Stump Removal - Our Stump Grinding service involves the process of removing a tree's root.
  • Tree Trimming - We remove dead, overgrown, or decaying branches from trees for a number of reasons, including as clearing space, enabling light to manage pests and disease, and minimising root damage.
  • Biomasss Woodchips – With our specialist machinery, we are bringing bag lads of renewable energy to many businesses across Twycross and the West Midlands.

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We offer our services across the West Midlands both commercially and domestically.