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The Tree Doctors provide commercial site clearance to match your needs, whether this is a small plot of land, or an expansive site.

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Commercial Site Clearance

Site clearance is a crucial step in the development process, involving the removal of trees, shrubs, vegetation, and other obstacles from a site to prepare it for construction, infrastructure projects, or land reclamation. We employ specialised equipment and techniques to ensure efficient and safe site clearance. We adhere to local environmental regulations and best practices to minimise environmental impact and ensure responsible vegetation management.

A general contractor may offer site clearance services, but they may not have the specialised expertise of an arborist. This means that they may not be able to remove trees safely or dispose of debris properly. We have the experience and equipment neede to do the full job.

The Tree Doctors Site Clearance
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Clearing Debris Safley & Efficiently

The first step in clearing debris safely and efficiently is to plan and prepare for the task. This includes:

Identifying the type and amount of debris: Assess the type and quantity of debris that needs to be removed and the potential hazards of the job.

Obtaining necessary permits and approvals: Check with local authorities to ensure you have the necessary permits and approvals for debris removal.

Estimating labour and equipment requirements: Determine the number of workers and equipment needed to efficiently remove the debris.

Securing safety equipment: Procure personal protective equipment (PPE) for workers, including safety glasses, gloves, hard hats, and appropriate footwear.

All of our staff are trained and experienced to use the equipment required for tree and debris removal.

Clearing Vegetation

The Tree Doctors safely remove trees of all sizes, ensuring they are felled and removed without damaging surrounding structures or posing safety hazards. We'll also remove shrubs and other non-woody vegetation that may hinder construction or interfere with the construction plans. We specialise in stump grinding to remove tree stumps effectively, eliminating safety hazards and preventing the stumps from re-sprouting. This allows for landscaping and development projects to proceed without obstruction.

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