Tree Felling & Reductions

The Tree Doctors genuinely love trees, and the team do everything possible to help protect and preserve Britain’s trees. However, there are occasions when tree felling & reductions are either the best or the only suitable option.

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Tree Felling

Our team of Tree Surgeons possess the expertise and awareness to successfully fell a tree cleanly in a safe working environment. As trees are often located in awkward positions near buildings or in areas of vegetation we are careful to avoid causing any disruption to the surrounding area. There are some key reasons as to why our specialised tree surgeons would have no option but to fell a tree.

  • Firstly the tree may be dead, dangerous or diseased causing danger to the area and vegetation around it.
  • The root may not have room to grow
  • The tree may be restricting views or taking up unwanted space.
  • Trees at rick of falling if a storm hits may need felling.

To complete the tree felling process we can remove the stump using our stump grinding equipment so no visible trace of the tree remains.

tree felling, red saw - tree half complete
Tree Doctor Tree Surgeon in Redditch

Tree Reductions

Our tree felling contractors are continuously on the lookout to preserve trees and reduction is a key component of this. It’s easy for trees to grow out of hand and their growth can be destructive. Often they can become a liability in gardens or nature reserves. Tree reductions usually involves the removal of branches to allow more light into a given area. If the tree has to be reduced below a certain level then that is when The Tree Doctors may consider felling. When contacting us, we'll happily discuss the options and the best solution for the tree's location and impact on the surroundings.

The Benefits of Tree Reductions

Tree reduction offers a variety of benefits for both the health of your tree and the safety of your property.

  • By carefully removing a portion of the branches, we can promote better light penetration, encouraging healthier growth throughout the tree.
  • This reduction also helps to lessen the wind resistance on the tree, reducing the risk of branch failure during storms and protecting your home and other structures.
  • Tree reduction can improve clearance for walkways, driveways, and power lines, creating a safer environment for everyone.

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