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As local Tree Surgeons, we have all of the experience and expertise you need to successfully treat a number of tree issues, including stump grinding, dead wooding, pruning, storm damage recovery and more. With a City & Guilds qualification and other professional associations behind us, and an online gallery packed full of successfully completed jobs, you can have complete confidence in our abilities to treat your garden’s needs. Our tree surgery services are suitable for both commercial and domestic gardens. Whats more, we offer an emergency 24 hour call out service for tree removal.

The Tree Doctors are very popular for their commercial removal of trees, click here for more information.

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24 Hour Tree Removal & more!

Dead Wooding

Dead wooding is the process of removing dead or dying branches from a tree.

A tree will waste considerable energy and resources trying to create new growth from a dead branch. This can have a dramatic impact on the overall health of a tree. Dead branches can also make a tree look unsightly.

We have the experience and tools needed to successfully carry out dead wooding, helping the tree to create new growth from living and healthy branches, which will, in turn, benefit the health of the tree and make the tree more attractive.

When a storm hits, a lot of damage can be caused to the local landscape. Fallen trees can block roads or cause a potential risk to both property and people.

The Tree Doctors offers an emergency 24 hour call out service in the event of storm damage. We will quickly assess the risks and the damage, and implement solutions that prevent any more damage from being caused in the foreseeable future.

Once the storm has fully passed, we will be happy to advise and implement long term solutions, helping to restore the beauty of the landscape.

The Tree Doctors genuinely love trees, and the team do everything possible to help protect and preserve Britain’s trees. However, there are occasions when tree felling is either the best or the only suitable option.

We have access to the tools, and also possess the expertise and awareness of safety to successfully fell a tree. We also offer a reduction service, which in many cases is an ideal solution, as opposed to felling the tree.

As Tree Surgeons, we will provide advice on the best solution for both the landowner and the tree.

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