Storm Damage Fallen Tree Removal

When a storm hits or a tree falls a lot of damage can be caused to the local landscape or surrounding buildings.

During the summer months, soil can become saturated which can cause tree roots and branches to weaken. When high winds pick up this can have a disastrous effect on trees and shrubbery.

During the winter months, cold temperatures, snow and ice can also have a negative impact on trees causing them to weaken and potentially break. This can cause blockages to roads and present potential risks to people themselves and their homes.

For the majority and accidents that do occur it is almost impossible to predict. Pre-storm strategies can be put into place by a trained specialist looking for decay or carrying out a climbing inspection. Braces can be installed to aid the support of a weakened tree whilst pruning and special measures are put into place to strengthen the roots. Where trees are completely rotten they can be removed before they fall but this must be discussed with an expert and never be attempted single-handedly.

Once a tree has fallen it can have devastating effects on its surroundings and will need to be cleared as a matter of urgency. The Tree Doctors can remove all fallen trees, storm damage, site clearance and much more, please contact us for more information...

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