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The Tree Doctors provide a variety of professional tree care services in and around Staffordshire suitable for commercial and personal gardens and spaces. We have a team of experienced professionals dedicated to improving landscapes, removing dangerous hazards and maintaining the health of your gardens. As tree surgeons Staffordshire, we deal with tree removals, to reduce the risk of storm damage and protect properties from fallen trees. We’ll assess the situation of a tree and provide solutions that benefit the environment and the safety of others. We remove tree stumps that are hazardous and eyesores for landscapes, we have all the equipment necessary to complete each job efficiently and effectively.

Our team of tree surgeons Staffordshire will maintain your trees and hedges and keep your garden looking neat and tidy, even reaching the most awkward spaces like in between buildings, and those high-to-reach branches. Our skilled team will diagnose diseased trees and provide tailored solutions to treat or remove the trees. Despite our tree-removal services, The Tree Doctors love trees and we will only remove them when necessary. We’ll do all we can to maintain the health of trees, we’ll also provide woodland management to ensure trees and shrubs are flourishing and surrounding plants and buildings aren’t getting swarmed with invasive brambles.

With professional tree surgeons Staffordshire, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your properties are safe, and the upkeeping of your gardens is maintained. We can shape and prune trees, deadwood them, in the hopes of improving their health and letting more light into your gardens.

Why Choose The Tree Doctors?

Experienced Arborists- Our team are all trained in the use of our specialist equipment for tree surgery, and have extensive knowledge of tree care and maintenance.

Safety First- We prioritise your safety, as well as our teams’ so our techniques meet industry standards and we’ll do all we can to make your residence or public spaces safe from potentially hazardous trees. We offer emergency services for storm damage and trees blocking roads.

Affordable Pricing - We offer competitive rates without compromising on the quality of our work.

Local Business- We are based in Halesowen, Birmingham but travel across the West Midlands to deliver our services.

Variety of Services- Our services cover a range of areas, for more of our services, see here.


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