Fire Logs, Firewood & Splitting

The Tree doctors now offer on site splitting service on a sensible day rate, we can also supply firewood for your home, log burner or open fire you may have in the garden or if your planning a summer of camping!

Being environmentally aware becomes part of the job as a tree surgeon. We place cut down logs in areas where woodlands and hedgerows can create nature can benefit from the added environment but we also recycle, split and chop the wood we cut down so it can be used as firewood in an open or closed Log Burner.

We are able to supply a bulk bag of firewood delivered to your door! Prices vary and become less when you request a larger amount of fire logs, We start at a single bag of fire logs with delivery for £65, give the Tree Doctors a call for further information regarding delivery, availability and location we can deliver to.

Firewood Supplies

Sourcing local firewood for your open fire or log burner can be an effective way to heat your home, Dry storing your fire logs is an effective way to make the most out of your wood, it will enable your log burning fire to run efficiently and create more heat for your home.

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