Woodland Management

The future of our landscape relies on effective woodland management, just as a garden needs constant maintenance and care to thrive. Trees must be thinned to grow well and invasive species like bramble have to be managed so that they don’t dominate other plants..

Woodland Management
Woodland Management
Slider Woodland Management

Woodlands that have a reason to be managed,  are more likely to be receive love and attention long into the future, with good management of a small woodland, we can actually improve on nature by producing more ‘edge’ habitat. When the small grove is managed the excess can be useful for timber, firewood and green woodworking. The Tree Doctors have the ability to manage woodland efficiently using the excess wood for our on-site splitting service.

A small woodland often contains trees all of the same age, so there is a canopy of the same height, casting a shadow that prevents ground flora or re-growth. A management regime consisting of felling, thinning and re-planting creates an edge ecosystem from high canopy right down to grass. Management can also improve the health of individual trees, via thinning and the digging of drainage ditches again a service our Tree Surgeons can provide. Woodlands that we have today have survived precisely because they have had an economic value to the local community- ‘the wood that pays is the wood that stays’. There is more biodiversity where two habitats meet, for example grassland and woodland, than in each of those habitats themselves.

The Benefits of Woodland Management

There are many benefits of woodland management that have a positive effect on the society and environment we live in. Firstly there is the renewable production of building materials and firewood this will indefinitely reduce transport distances. Secondly good Woodland Management will reduce carbon emissions from building materials and also heating fuel. Moreover the planting of new Woodland provides a new habit for wildlife to explore. Lastly opening paths through existing woods and also planting new ones improves amenities and awareness of the natural world.

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