Residential Tree Services

The main services offered by The Tree Doctors are our residential tree services which include tree trimming and pruning. This is crucial for the overall health and appearance of your trees and hedges. Trimming and pruning help to remove dead or diseased branches, promote new growth, and shape the tree to enhance its beauty. Additionally, regular trimming can prevent branches from becoming too heavy and breaking off during storms.

Another important service we provide is tree removal. While it is always sad to have to remove a tree from your property, sometimes it’s necessary for safety reasons. Dead or dying trees, trees that are leaning dangerously, or trees that are causing damage to your property should be removed promptly by professionals to prevent accidents.

The team at The Tree Doctors are very experienced with all tree services, including addressing diseased trees and finding the best solutions.

Commercial Services - Tree Doctor services suitable for commercial and industrial clients.

Domestic Services - shrub maintenance, tree pruning, and more for your domestic garden.

Site Clearance - this includes pre-construction clearance, highway clearance woodland management, and tree removal.

Earthworks & Groundwork - topsoil excavation, earth excavation, and disposal of waste.

Stump Grinding - Tree stump root plate removal and grinding for tree stumps left behind.

Tree Felling and Reductions - destructive, dead, diseased, or overgrown trees needing removal.

Storm Damage - local unpredicted, storm-damaged trees that need urgent attention.

Logs & Splitting - fire logs site splitting service available or supply of bulk firewood delivered to your door.

Dead Wooding & Pruning - returning trees back to their natural health by encouraging growth.

Woodland Management - tree thinning to aid growth, dominating bramble removal.

Highway Clearance - fallen trees, hedge, shrub or tree overgrowth obstructing highways.

Hedge Maintenance - hedge cutting, pruning and shaping preventing unattractive heights.


Local Tree Surgeons

As local tree surgeons, our residential tree services Stourbridge can be carried out on short notice and we can conveniently return for garden maintenance. Our expert arborists and tree surgeons are very familiar with handling trees on all scales and in different landscapes and small spaces; we can also diagnose diseased trees and provide solutions. Our knowledge of tree species, growth patterns, and proper pruning techniques allows us to effectively care for your trees and promote their health and longevity.

So whether you have a tree that needs pruning, a tree that needs to be removed, or simply want to ensure the health of your trees, you can trust us as your local tree surgeons to provide the experience and expertise needed to get the job done right.

domestic tree clearance

Professional Domestic Tree Services

The Tree Doctors arrive at your property promptly and leave without leaving any mess or foliage in your gardens. When we come to assess your trees, we’ll ensure to provide the necessary care for your trees and hedges.

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We offer free quotations to all clients for our services. We like to keep prices affordable and provide a comprehensive range of services for both residential tree services Stourbridge and commercial spaces. Contact us today!