Hedge Maintenance Service

Professional Tree Surgeons

Letting your hedges overgrow is easily done as keeping them neat and healthy can be time-consuming and challenging if you don’t have the right equipment. The Tree Doctors are professional tree surgeons with experience in all areas of arboristry. We maintain residential and commercial spaces for both trees and hedges, taking care to prolong the life of trees where we can. Hedges need regular trimming to avoid growing too high and they can very easily make a garden appear neater and tidier when maintained. A regular hedge maintenance service could benefit your garden and take one task off your hands.

Trimming hedges can be a difficult task, even with the right hedge-cutting equipment. If you’re using a ladder, it’s important to take care, but our team have the technology and equipment to overcome these hurdles and safely perform tree surgery or hedge maintenance.

Why Your Hedges Need Maintenance:

There are a few reasons you should choose a hedge maintenance service. The Tree Doctors recommend hedge maintenance for…

Avoiding neighbourly disputes

When hedges overgrow and their height increases, it reduces space and light in yours and neighbouring gardens. Hedges often act as borders for gardens or driveways and if they grow messy due to lack of maintenance, it could stir disputes between neighbours. With plans installed to receive regular maintenance, all sides of the hedge can receive the care it needs.

Garden appearance

If your garden is receiving less light due to overgrown hedges, then other plants will suffer. Not only this but a hedge maintenance service can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your garden or driveway. Keeping them neat and trimmed has a big impact on the surroundings and your home’s exterior.

Keeping your hedge healthy

Whatever hedge you have, whether it’s a laurel, conifer or other, with a regular hedge maintenance service, you can keep it healthy and spot any issues early on.

Wildlife Habitats

It is important to consider the wildlife that is living in your hedges. Birds often nest in thick hedges and if you trim them, you’ll be disturbing their habitat. If you are aware of a nest in a hedge, make us and your neighbours aware so that we can do all we can to avoid invading their habitat. Birds usually nest from March to August however, regular pruning can prevent hedges from overgrowing and is less noise disturbance to a bird’s nest.

Why Choose the Tree Doctors?

We have the skills to tackle trees and hedges in awkward spaces and the tools to help us achieve this. Choosing The Tree Doctors for your hedge maintenance service will take one responsibility off your to-do list and can benefit you if arranged for regular trimmings. We offer competitive prices and we’re based in Halesowen but travel across the West Midlands with our residential and commercial services.

Our other tree services include storm damage and fallen trees, woodland management and dead wooding & pruning, Site clearance. We perform tree surgery and stump grinding services too. Our team are highly professional and trained arborists.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want more information on our hedge maintenance service or need assistance with other tree and hedge enquiries. We take on jobs both big and small, so whether you have a large plot or townhouse garden, The Tree Doctors are happy to assist you.