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Here at The Tree Doctors we offer a variety of professional services suitable for commercial services and industrial clients.

tree felling , after, in half on field
tree surgeons loading logs onto pickup crane
Highway Clearance

The Tree Doctors Provide The Following Commecial Services


Site Clearance

Any development site will often need preparation work completed in advance of any construction work due to be done. We can offer you the perfect solution to any complex or difficult area that may need clearing.

Storm Damage/Highway Clearance

We specialise in Highway clearance, a fallen tree can block roads or cause potential risk to both property and people. We offer a 24 hour storm damage call out service. We work fast enabling the traffic to flow safely and freely at the earliest opportunity.

Tree Felling and Reductions

We have access to the tools, and also possess the expertise and awareness of safety to successfully fell a tree. We also offer a reduction service, which in many cases is an ideal solution, as opposed to the felling the tree.

Tree Stumping Grinding Service

The removal of a tree stump can be a laborious task for land owners, especially for those that have no experience with this process. We have considerable experience and expertise in tree stump grinding, and we have access to the tools needed to complete the job properly.

Woodland Management

The future of our landscape relies on effective woodland management; Trees and brambles need maintenance and have to be managed so they do not dominate other plants. We have the ability to manage woodland efficiently using the excess wood for our onsite splitting service, so all waste is recycled.



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