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Domestic Tree Services by The Tree Doctors
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Local Tree Services

The Tree Doctors take pride in the tree services we provide. Our local tree and garden services cover tree surgery, stump grinding, domestic tree/hedge services dead wooding and pruning and our commercial services cover groundwork, site clearance and woodland management.

Our certified arborists are skilled in the art of tree care and with our state-of-the-art equipment, we safely address a variety of tree issues. Depending on your needs, we can advise you on the best solutions for your garden trees and hedges. Our team is experienced and can successfully trim, fell and remove trees and hedges where necessary. We manage hedges, pruning and shaping them to keep your garden looking neat and well-maintained. In some cases, overgrown hedges can face penalties for causing inconvenience.

The Tree Doctors love trees so will only remove trees if we have to. We offer an emergency call-out 24/7 for tree removal and storm damage.

Garden Services

Dead wooding is an important process for trees that need dying branches removed. Not only does this save the tree lots of energy to grow, it impacts the overall health of the tree, allowing more light and air in for new growth. As a safety risk too, any dead branches should be removed to avoid storm damage. Our local tree and garden services include spotting diseased trees too and offering the best solutions to stop the spread of certain diseases. You can read our blog post on Ash Dieback here as this has been a common issue lately.

Our local tree and garden services intend to maintain trees, not just remove them. Any trees we fell or branches we remove, the wood is turned into biomass wood chips or logs for firewood.

Perhaps you don’t have the equipment or the tree or hedge you need trimming is too awkward to safely reach, give us a call! We have the equipment required for all situations and can deal with trees no matter what awkward spaces they’ve grown in.

Why Choose Us?

Our team of professionals are skilled and passionate about what they do. We understand that every garden or commercial area has different needs and approaches to tending trees. We’ll listen to each client’s desires when it comes to their gardens as they’re personal places that need lots of care. Whether you need a tree removal, a trimming, or you have concerns about a hedge and just need advice, our arborists are here to answer your questions and deliver results.

Offering competitive pricing too, The Tree Doctors will deliver quality local tree and garden services at reasonable costs. We’re transparent from the start when we quote you for our service.

Get in Touch

Don’t hesitate to contact The Tree Doctors today for local tree and garden services. You can reach us via our contact forms or by giving us a call. For emergencies, we can be with you in no time. We’re based in Halesowen but travel all over the West Midlands.