Firewood For Sale Near Me

If you are looking for 'firewood for sale near me', The Tree Doctors offers a splitting service along with firewood local to you…

Log Splitting Service

When it comes to fires, be that cooking fires or cosy social campfires, log splitting is by far the most effective burning wood to use. Because split wood has less bark, it ignites and stays lit more easily than whole logs. Drying or "seasoning" is also expedited by splitting. You should burn only dry wood for fires and cooking.

The Tree Doctors offer competitively priced log splitting on-site all year round for your fire festivities.

Get in touch if you want firewood delivered to your home, near you!

Log Spliiting for fire pits
Fire logs sold by the tree doctors

Firewood & Fire Logs Near You

Based in Birmingham, we are at the heart of the West Midlands. We can deliver bulk bags of firewood right to your door! We start at £65 for a single bag of fire logs with delivery. For more information regarding delivery, availability, and delivery locations, please call the Tree Doctors if you are searching for firewood for sale near you.

Using Firewood For...

There are many ways you can use your Tree Doctor wood splitting.  Using firewood can create great social occasions and bring many of us together…

Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Fire Pits



Wood Burning Stoves

Open Fires

Fire logs used for cooking
The Tree Doctors Sell fire wood

ZERO Wood Waste

Tree surgeons are expected to be environmentally conscious. The logs we harvest are placed in woodlands and hedgerows so that nature can benefit from the additional environment, but they are also recycled, split, chopped, and stacked for use as firewood in open and closed log burners.

It’s simple, we waste no wood!

Trusted, reputable and professional

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