Log Burner Wood

Searching for ‘firewood near me’? Firepits have stopped becoming a winter seasonal tradition with people taking to summer night fires as a social setting amongst friends regularly.

Wood for your log burner

Because of its popularity, firewood is now becoming an essential item on the shelves of many garden centres and gas stations. However, customers are none the wiser about the sustainability of the wood they are purchasing. The Tree Doctors are a fully sustainable company with a huge respect for trees. We can supply your log burner wood all year round as well as a wide range of tree care services suitable for commercial landscapes, residential gardens and undeveloped areas.

Fire Logs for sale. firewood on the back of blue van
Fire logs sold by the tree doctors

The ‘Eco way’ for firewood!

We don’t like waste at The Tree Doctors, so any wood that we have spare, we chop and sell as log burner wood, which come in handy if you’re planning a summer camp out or if you’re in need of fire pit chippings. No tree is chopped down on purpose, we simple use wood from the trees we have felled and turn it into your fire fuel.

Log Burner Wood

We pride ourselves on being environmentally aware at The Tree Doctors - it becomes part of the job of a tree arborist. Not only do we place down logs where hedgegrows and woodlands can benefit, but we also split, chop & recycle any trees we cut down, making our firewood perfect for log burners to heat up your home or warm up any evening outdoor activities.

Camping Firewood, Bonfires & Firepits

The Tree Doctors can supply you with the best premium quality wood which is ethically cut. We bulk supply firewood and deliver straight to your door. Prices may vary so contact us for more details or place your order today! With bonfire night being a widely celebrated evening across the United Kingdom, why not stock up on firewood from The Tree Doctors?

Heating up your home!

It is important to use locally sourced firewood for your open fire or log burner to heat your home. Dry storing your fire logs from us will allow your fire to run more efficiently and produce more heat.

Log Spliiting for fire pits
tree surgeons the tree docs

Why our firewood lasts longer!

As far as fire pits, multi-fuel stoves, or fireplaces are concerned, hardwoods are the best. This is because hardwoods have a higher density. There isn't much empty space (meaning air) between the individual fibre strands. Denser and heavier wood burns longer and hotter because it contains more wood fuel. So with our firewood – you’re in for a long night… We sell logs for all domestic and commercial use – contact us today for more information.

Prices may vary

The Tree Doctors offer a single bag of fire logs with delivery for £65; call us on 07871040725 for more information regarding delivery, availability, and where we can deliver.

Other Tree Services Include:

Other Tree Doctor Services Include:

Tree Felling

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Commercial Services

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