After Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis..

What’s next for the UK?

Storm Ciara hit the UK on 8th February 2020 and caused a devastating effect on all parts of the UK. Coastal towns have taken the largest hit with severe flooding, where many properties went without power and parked cars being washed away. Travel routes have been majorly affected where some flights had been cancelled. An Amber Wind warning was issued for most of the UK where the wind hit speeds of 97mph causing trees to fall, debris to block roads and train lines to be covered.  Fallen trees caused a large impact on damage caused by Storm Ciara and the estimated cost of clean up is around £225m. Emergency calls poured in and tree surgeons have been in inundated with calls.

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On 15th February 2020 Storm Ciara was shortly followed by storm Dennis. Although Storm Dennis wind speed reduced to 70mph it came with heavy rainfall and was estimated that one month’s rainfall fell in just 24 hours. There was a heightened flood risk for the Midlands and six danger to life flood warnings put in place around the Rivers Severn, Lugg and Wye. Yellow weather warnings for rain were also put in place for Scotland, North West England and Wales. People were forced to evacuate homes and businesses have been closed. The long term effects could take as long as mid-summer to rectify.

Storm Ciara was recognized for having the most devastating
effects in terms of wind, whereas Storm Dennis was detrimental in terms of
rainfall. Storm Ellen is due to hit the UK very soon and there is a chance that
homes and businesses could be affected yet again. The exact weather updates are
unclear at the moment but it has been predicted that more amber warnings are
due to take place.