After Tree Stump Removal

What Steps to take?

What to do next after a Tree Stump is removed is dependant on various factors, the size of the stump removed, where it is located and your purpose for this Tree free area.

After a tree stump can be removed in a variety of ways. Ourselves we vouch for professional stump grinding or stump removal company such as The Tree Doctors to undertake this task. Although there would be a fee incurred renting stump grinding equipment (which is another option) can be costly and very dangerous so therefore we would advise a tree stump company to commence the work.

After stump grinding, grass garden with dirt patch

Stump removal, if the stump is not too large can be removed whole without grinding but this process is impractical for larger trees and consequently a tree surgeon would proceed with the stump grinding process. Whichever process is being undertaking there would be debris left over which would need removal. The removal could be chopped up and be used for fire logs or alternatively chipped and composted or used for mulch. Although if you are looking to replant the area with grass the remains from the grinding should not be left in situ.

Once the stump grinding process is complete and the stump is ground down to a sufficient level (usually well below the surface) you can then look to repair the space left. Our tips for this is to feel the vacant area with topsoil and seed and then with grass that matches the surrounding area. Alternatively, you may not want to replenish the area with grass and you may wish to plant a flower bed or add this vacant space into a landscape element of the area. This of course, can be done although research into soils and reactions of the different components that you will be using should be undertaken before hand to minimise the risk of reactions that may ruin the appearance and environment.