Worcester Tree Removal

At The Tree Doctors, we take great pride in our ability to perform efficient, competitively-priced and reliable tree removal services in Worcester and the nearby boroughs. Our committed and helpful team work with a variety of customers in Worcester, whether you are looking for tree removals at a residential address or are using land for commercial purposes, the team at The Tree Doctors are fully qualified to City and Guilds industry standards.

We offer an array of tree removal procedures flexible to client desires, for instance tree felling, reductions, or site clearance. Our flexibility comes partly from the specialist equipment we use that allow us to perform operations maybe other companies would not be able to, but also from the expert knowledge of our tree surgeons who will guide customers and advise them should there be any concerns. The Tree Doctors maintain all safety protocols so that there is no danger to the customer, staff, public or property.

Regarding commercial work, we have experience providing site clearances, including tree removals, ground levelling and preparing a site for construction work, such as for retail parks, industrial land or public roads. We are the most trusted tree removal company in Worcester due to the large commercial jobs we have worked on.

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Tree Stump Removal

Stump grinding removes a tree’s roots from the earth, usually as a counter measure to infection which may have caused the tree itself to be felled. Removing the roots ensure there is not danger of future infection.

Tree Felling

Tree felling is only done as a last resort, but sometimes it is required if a tree has become potentially hazardous to others trees or property in the area.

Tree Reduction

If we can save a tree from felling, we will. Trees can often grow too wild and unruly, causing destruction to other plants and ecosystems in that area. Tree reduction removes the outer layer of a tree to enable extra light into the space where the tree is.

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