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The Tree Doctors will serve all your tree needs! For tree felling Romsley, give us a call today! Residential and commercial spaces.

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The Tree Doctors do all we can to maintain a safe and healthy environment for your plants and improve the appearance of landscapes and gardens. We will remove trees when they become damaged due to disease or storms, or we’ll deliver tree felling Romsley for trees that pose a danger or nuisance to structures and landscaping plans.

The tree doctors love trees, so we won't remove them unless necessary. We promote sustainability and our team understands the importance trees hold for wildlife. Not only are they habitats, but they remove pollution from the air and bring life to our gardens and woodland spaces. When we fell a tree, we are providing certain advantages…

Tree surgery in the West Midlands with The Tree Doctors

What are the Advantages of Tree Felling?

More Space to flourish- With the removal of a tree and its roots, there is more room for surrounding trees to grow and collect nutrients from the soil. Plants on lower levels will also receive more light and air to grow healthier as they don’t have to compete for space.

Restricting views & landscapes- A tree in a residential garden, especially when overgrown or large, can really interrupt a view. Restricting houses of light, or beautiful views from their windows, a tree can be removed to avoid neighbourly disputes and improve aesthetics.

Trees at risk of falling- For delicate trees and weak branches, trees that pose a threat to surrounding structures during a storm may be best removed. Whether it’s large or small, tree feeling Romsley will remove a tree that could land on homes, block roads and damage gardens if a storm were to take it out. Similarly, trees close to powerlines should be reduced if not felled to reduce the changes of weather damage and electrical problems. This is where tree felling Romsley is beneficial as the area is becoming more and more residential.

Diseased trees- The Tree Doctors are experts at identifying diseases and pests that have infected a tree. If it’s beyond recovery (and to stop it from spreading to local shrubs and trees) we’ll fell diseased trees to avoid further damage.

Tree Doctors Harborne tree surgeons

Firstly, our teams are certified arborists, with all relevant and essential qualifications to approach all your tree requirements. We can assess the health of your trees and advise you on the best solutions, and our services cover both domestic spaces and commercial. We’re transparent with pricing and communicate clearly with clients on the job we’ll perform.

Do I Need Tree Felling or Just Tree Reductions?

If there’s a tree in your garden you think is taking up too much space, or is blocking the light to your property, then we can assess the best option with you. Tree reductions, the removal of branches, can benefit your garden by allowing more light and air to your shrubs, but also is healthier for the tree itself as it allows healthier growth. However, tree felling Romsley is more suited to trees that pose danger or are of real nuisance to your garden or environment. 


Either way, our professional team will offer you our best advice and a free quotation for the job. We’ll assess the size of the tree, the space it’s in and the equipment that’s required for the job.

The Tree Doctors serve the West Midlands with our professional arborist and tree surgeon servies. We cover Romsely and local areas for regular maintenance or one-off jobs. For tree felling Romsley, give us a call and we’ll arrange our visit flexibly around you.

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