Tree Crown Reduction Kidderminster

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What is a Tree Crown Reduction?

The Tree Doctors provide all kinds of tree reductions and shaping to improve the health of your trees and our tree crown reduction Kidderminster is a job we perform in residential spaces or commercial. The process of tree crown reduction involves reducing the overall size of the tree by removing crossing branches, dead wood or extra branches to improve airflow and light capacity. By reducing the tree's canopy, there is more space for branches to grow stronger and more healthily. The improved shape also makes its appearance more pleasing for gardens and landscapes. The Tree Doctors are local for a tree crown reduction Kidderminster, delivering professional, Chas Accredited services across the West Midlands.

How Do I Know I Need A Crown Reduction?

  • A tree has become too tall and wide - whether a messy appearance needs attention or your garden is receiving less sunlight, a crown reduction could be the solution.
  • Lots of branches are decaying or dead - dead branches can be dangerous as they can fall in storms.
  • The best time of year for reductions - when the tree is dying back, to help promote new growth. Our surgeons can advise on this and navigate the best methods and techniques.
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Do I need a Profession Tree Surgeon?

A tree crown reduction Kidderminster is best performed by a trained professional. Not only because we know the techniques involved, but because we have the appropriate equipment and the skills to assess the unique tree that needs reductions. Furthermore, we can complete the job in one go and leave your tree in great condition to promote growth again. 

There are different methods to crown reductions depending on the appearance you’re after as well as the space you have. If you want an improved shape, then lifting or raising can make the tree appear more narrow with the removal of lower branches that grow outwards. Thinning reductions aim to remove smaller branches to tidy up the current shape of the tree, and avoid a complete reshape. A tree crown reduction Kidderminster will reduce stress on branches that are long and overgrown, making the appearance more balanced and making little change to the shade the tree provides.


For a trustworthy and experienced tree surgeon, call The Tree Doctors today for a free quote for tree reductions, Whether it is a dead wooding process or you require shaping and reductions, we’ve got you covered.

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