The difference between arborists and tree surgeons?

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What is the difference between an arborist and a tree surgeon?

I wouldn’t be shocked in the least if you were unsure of who to contact for guidance and support if you are a homeowner or landlord searching for someone to maintain, or manage, the trees, shrubs, and hedges in your garden(s). Therefore, it begs the question: What is the difference between an arborist and a tree surgeon?


Arborists are professionals who specialise in the care and maintenance of trees. They typically have a deep understanding of tree biology and use their knowledge to promote the health and growth of trees. Arborists are trained in a variety of techniques, such as pruning, cabling, and fertilisation, that are designed to maintain the health and structural integrity of trees.

Tree Surgeons

Tree surgeons, on the other hand, are professionals who specialise in the removal of trees or the treatment of trees that are diseased or damaged. They are typically trained in techniques such as tree felling, tree removal, and stump grinding. Tree surgeons are often called upon to deal with emergency situations, such as when a tree has fallen and is blocking a road or has damaged a property.

While there is some overlap between the two professions, arborists tend to focus more on the long-term health of trees, while tree surgeons are often called upon to deal with immediate problems. However, many arborists also have the skills necessary to perform tree surgery, and some tree surgeons may have a background in arboriculture.

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The Tree Doctors

At The Tree Doctors, we have all the tree surgery know-how necessary to successfully address a variety of tree and vegetation problems as your neighbourhood tree surgeon. Both home and commercial properties are suitable. We offer a variety of services, such as storm damage repair, tree removal, splitting firewood, and more.

Promote Tree Health

Promoting the health of trees is paramount to the environment and here’s why…

Maintaining tree health

The Tree Doctors Tree surgeons can help maintain the health of trees by diagnosing and treating diseases and pests. Healthy trees are better able to absorb carbon dioxide and other pollutants from the air, which helps improve air quality.

Promoting tree growth

We use pruning and other techniques to promote the growth of trees. This can help create a healthier and more robust tree canopy, which provides shade, reduces erosion, and helps prevent soil compaction.

Removing hazardous trees

Only when necessary, tree surgeons can remove trees that are hazardous or in danger of falling. This helps prevent accidents and damage to property.

Restoring damaged trees

We restore trees that have been damaged by storms, pests, or other environmental factors. This can help maintain the biodiversity of ecosystems and preserve the habitat of wildlife.

Planting new trees

 At The Tree Doctors, we encourage people to plant new trees, which can provide many benefits to the environment. New trees can help absorb carbon dioxide and other pollutants, provide shade, reduce erosion, and support biodiversity.

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Overall, tree surgeons and arborists can help maintain and improve the health of our beloved trees, which can provide a wide range of environmental benefits. By keeping trees healthy and promoting their growth, tree surgeons can help support a healthy environment for both people and wildlife.

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