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The Tree Doctors: Forestry Muchling

Are you in need of forestry mulching? Mulching is suitable for commercial landscapes, residential gardens and undeveloped open spaces. The Tree Doctors are skilled local tree surgeons who use the most advanced forestry mulching machinery to clear land fast and efficiently.

A forestry mulcher shreds plants with a spinning drum loaded with steel hammers. This heavy-duty machine can remove many acres of vegetation in a single day, making it excellent for clearing land, clearing footpaths, clearing scrubland and paddocks, and managing vegetation.

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Forestry Mulching & Vegetation Clearance

Mulching machines minimise several of the procedures needed in land clearances and clean-up by treating trees and other plants where they are. Multiple devices, including excavators, tree shears, woodchippers and grinders, as well as hauling equipment, are no longer required. Just one mulching machine is needed, which saves time, money, fuel, and emissions – perfect for keeping our environment healthy.

Forestry Mulching devices can clear areas of unwanted trees and shrubs while causing minimal soil disturbance. By pushing over trees, removing stumps and roots, and significantly disrupting soils, traditional land-clearing practices often increase the danger of erosion. Mulching the vegetation, on the other hand, preserves the soil structure. The mulched material can be kept on the ground to act as an erosion barrier while decomposing and returning nutrients to the soil. Grass will grow naturally through the mulch over time and can be managed by mowing.

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