The Benefits of Stump Grinding

Why Is It Important to Remove Tree Stumps?

There are multiple reasons you should have a tree stump removed, and stump grinding is not something that should be done by anyone other than a professional. Our team are experienced in the removal of trees and stumps and we have all the right equipment necessary for stump grinding. Below are the benefits of stump grinding.

Visual Appeal – A lonely tree stump can be unsightly or disrupt a landscape view. Stump grinding, below ground level, will improve the appearance of your garden and offer you more space to replant, should you wish.

Safety – A stump in the ground can very easily be tripped over and if it is hidden by other plants and vegetation, then it likely will be a trip hazard. Stump grinding eliminates these risks and creates a safer environment.

Preventing regrowth – there’s a chance that a stump may start growing and sprouting again if not removed sooner. Removing it as soon as possible means you’ll avoid the hassle of dealing with it later.

Pests – Stumps can also attract pests; termites, beetles, ants, and other wood insects. These pests could spread to nearby structures and plants and feed off the wood. So, one of the benefits of stump grinding would be reducing the chance of pest infestations.

Landscaping – having a stump in the way of your landscaping plans is not ideal. By grinding the stump, you’ll be freeing up space for designing and replanting the area. The same goes for future construction and needing the space and ease of building structures or installing hardscapes.

Environmental elements – stump grinding is a much more environmental solution to removing a tree and its roots. The alternative involves chemical treatment which would disrupt the soil and surrounding plants. Because stump grinding would require less labour in the removal with the machinery involved, it is also more cost-effective.

What Happens to the Stump?

On the removal of a tree stump, part of the process involves grinding it into small woodchips. These can be used and recycled for something else, or they can naturally decompose where the tree has been removed. These woodchips retain moisture in the soil and will help improve the health of the surrounding soil while also suppressing weed growth.

The machinery used in this process is mounted on heavy-duty wheels with a long handle. The blade is underneath the handle of the machine and this cuts down until the tree stump is reduced. You can read more about The Tree Doctors’ service here.

Our Tree Grinding Service

The Tree Doctors are just a phone call away if you need a stump grinding service. We can assess the situation at hand and remove your tree stump efficiently and safely. As professional and licensed tree surgeons, we will use our equipment to grind the tree stump and leave the space tidy and neat once finished. Contact us if you wish to know more about the benefits of stump grinding.

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