Site Clearance for Trees

The Tree Doctors use expert machinery for their site clearance for trees. This effective method maximises the amount of side root removal and clears the land of any hidden roots. Whether you need a small plot of land cleared or an expansive site, we have all the tools and skills to carry out the clearance you require.

Our team can undertake substantial projects in a variety of environments. At all times, we will comply with the highest standards of safety to ensure the safety of our workers and anyone on site. Making sure the problem surface area has been restored to its original blank canvas for your new projects.

What is site clearance for trees?

Residential and commercial site clearance is usually carried out to make way for new developments or to prepare a plot of land for construction. It may include tree felling, stump grinding, and scrub removal to prepare the site for construction.

A site clearance for trees involves using very heavy machinery, requiring a fully qualified arborist. This sort of work should never be attempted by anyone without sufficient qualifications as serious injuries could occur. Both residential and commercial site clearances come with all sorts of complications. The Tree Doctors team has full experience with forestry hazards, obstacles and operating machinery.

Do you need to use our site clearing for trees service?

The unsightly mess that occurs when trees and roots are unruly are not just an eyesore, but hazardous. Using The Tree Doctors’ service will reward you with efficiency, saving time for the next steps to be followed for any future developments.

Our other site clearance services include:

Tree felling & reductions, earthwork & groundwork, tree surgery and stump grinding

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The Benefits of a Site Clearance Service

Site clearance services offer several benefits for various types of construction and land development projects.


Clearing a site of potential hazards, such as trees, rocks, and debris, enhances safety for workers and future occupants of the site. It reduces the risk of accidents during construction and ongoing maintenance.

Compliance with Regulations

Many local and national regulations require landowners and developers to clear their sites before construction. Site clearance services help ensure compliance with these regulations, avoiding legal issues and delays.

Efficient Land Use

Proper site clearance allows for the efficient use of the land, ensuring that the construction project can proceed without interference from existing structures, vegetation, or obstacles.

Environmental Stewardship

Site clearance can be performed in an environmentally responsible manner. Some companies use eco-friendly methods to clear sites, such as recycling or repurposing materials and minimizing the impact on the surrounding ecosystem.

Improved Aesthetics

Site clearance can help improve the appearance of an area by removing unsightly structures, overgrown vegetation, and clutter, which can be especially important for commercial and residential developments.

Soil Preparation

Site clearance services often include grading and leveling the land, which is essential for proper foundation installation and landscape design. This ensures the land is ready for construction or landscaping.

Infrastructure Development

Clearing the site can also involve the removal of underground obstacles, such as old utility lines and foundations, allowing for the installation of new infrastructure as needed.

Site clearance by The Tree Doctors
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