Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the removal of the root plate of a tree. This can be a very laborious task for home and landowners, especially for those that have no experience with the process. The Tree Doctors have considerable expertise and experience in stump grinding, and we have access to the tools needed to complete the job properly.


Are you after Stump Grinding?

When cutting down a tree generally there’s is a stump left behind which needs removing using special machinery this is known as stump grinding. Call the Tree Doctors today for a professional stump grinding service. Tree stumps can become a problem, a well-maintained garden deserves to look tidy, an old tree stump left in the ground would ruin any other work you have completed. The Tree Doctors are experienced in stump grinding at affordable prices, this service can make a big visual and practical difference to your commercial or private property, either by giving you more space or making the area appear more attractive. When owning a small property, you may find old tree stumps taking up precious room in your garden. Why not free your garden space up today. With special machinery, the tree doctors can get your Tree Stump Removal completed today.

We have all of the experience and expertise you need to successfully treat a number of tree surgery and maintenance issues.

Tree Stumps can become a potential hazard, especially if they are small as it can be hard to see at times. If you are a property owner with children you may want your tree stump removed to decrease the risk of your child falling over. The tree doctors will leave your garden a safer place for everyone. When leaving a tree stump there is potential for new tree growth to occur, with new sprouts springing up around the base of the tree. There have been many times where tiny trees have begun to grow. Not only is this unsightly for your garden but these shoots have a tendency to keep sprouting back and can be expensive when removing the sprouts. When tiny trees are growing close to other plants they tend to leach nutrients causing damage to more valued plants.

Having trouble with thick leaves, overgrown branches or have a tree that needs removing? Then contact The Tree Doctors today.

Stump grinding is important when a tree stump has been left over time as it starts to decay which attracts insects. Decaying is a long process, however, during this process, the tree stump will start to attract termites, wood borers, ant and beetles. Once the root of a tree has been fully removed, home or landowners can then fill the space with top soil and turf over the hole, creating a more aesthetically appealing space.

How does a Stump grinder work?

Moderately sized machines, most stump grinders are mounted on heavy Duty wheels connected with a long handle, this enables the user to push and pull the Machine. The handle can be adjusted to set the machine to your preferred height. The Tree Doctors have machines with braked wheels this allows more control when grinding a stump when involved in side to side movements. While being powered by an engine the machine has a sharp blade underneath this is used to cut the stump. The Tree Doctors have all the correct equipment and most machines are labelled with a cutting capacity both above and below the ground. The Doctors tree stump removal service works by cutting down the wood until the stump is gone. The machine starts to cut the stump and turns the wood into sawdust as it is easy to remove from your property.



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