Forest Thinning : Good or Bad?

forest thinning

What is Forest Thinning? Forest thinning is a method used to restore landscapes’ beauty and encourage trees to thrive! In short, forest thinning is beneficial and a great way to treat woodland and forest spaces that are overgrown and dense with vegetation. Where there are lots of trees in close proximity, there is competition for…

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Tree Pollarding

tree pollarding

Tree Pollarding – What is it? Pruning is a technique used to encourage new growth in younger trees with the removal of dense foliage. Tree Pollarding is a pruning system that cuts back tree branches to the trunk so that it forms a head of bare branches. Pollarding is done to restrict trees from growing…

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The Benefits of Stump Grinding

stump grinding benefits

Why Is It Important to Remove Tree Stumps? There are multiple reasons you should have a tree stump removed, and stump grinding is not something that should be done by anyone other than a professional. Our team are experienced in the removal of trees and stumps and we have all the right equipment necessary for…

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Replacing Ash Trees After Felling

replanting ash trees after felling

The replanting of new trees is always encouraged whether you’re replacing Ash trees after felling or you’re planting brand new trees. At The Tree Doctors, we want to promote replacing trees wherever you can in order to replace diseased trees and woodlands that are facing the impact of diseases like Ash Dieback. With the right…

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Biomass Woodchips – What’s Their Importance?

Biomass woodchips and thier importance in the world - The Tree Doctors

Biomass wood chips are an increasingly important source of renewable energy that offer a number of environmental and economic benefits. In this blog, we’ll explore why biomass wood chips are so valuable, and why they are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to fossil fuels. Biomass Woodchips Firstly, it’s important to understand what biomass wood chips…

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The difference between arborists and tree surgeons?

tree surgeons in staffordshire

What is the difference between an arborist and a tree surgeon? I wouldn’t be shocked in the least if you were unsure of who to contact for guidance and support if you are a homeowner or landlord searching for someone to maintain, or manage, the trees, shrubs, and hedges in your garden(s). Therefore, it begs…

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What is Ash Dieback & how is it affecting our trees?

How is ash dieback affecting our trees - The Tree Doctors

Ash Dieback has been the topic of arborists for many years, since it’s now becoming a huge environmental problem, it’s vital to educate people on what it is and how we can avoid the widespread. It is predicted to cost British society a staggering £15 BILLION. Trees are vital for our existence… As they expand,…

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How Trees Help Reduce Carbon Footprints!

De trees help carbon footprint?

Carbon footprint – we’ve all heard these two words, but do we actually know what they mean? Our carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases that we generate from our actions, including carbon dioxide and methane. In the UK, the average carbon footprint is 10 tonnes of CO2 per person, per year! 40% of…

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The Importance of Growing Trees

Growing Trees for World Environment Day

Grow more trees! – World Environment Day 2022 Growing trees is vital to slow down climate change. Following last year’s world environment day, the English government encouraged the country to grow trees and get planting more flowers helping us grow back greener and combat biodiversity loss and climate change. The campaign is backed by green…

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After Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis..

What’s next for the UK? Storm Ciara hit the UK on 8th February 2020 and caused a devastating effect on all parts of the UK. Coastal towns have taken the largest hit with severe flooding, where many properties went without power and parked cars being washed away. Travel routes have been majorly affected where some…

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